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​​​​​​Biomolecular interaction analysis by  Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR; Biacore) technology applies optical sensor chips to study real time binding events between molecules, e.g. antibodies / antigens, recombinant receptors, ligands or low molecular weight compounds (e.g. drug candidates) allowing to determine accurate binding kinetics (on / off rates, affinities), binding specificity and concentration. Applying SPR technology since its commercial establishment in 1991, we have gained outstanding expertise in numerous R&D applications for a variety of clients from academic institutions to small and big pharmaceutical and biotech companies all over the world.

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Founded as a spin off from a preclinical research institute of a big pharmaceutical company we are familiar with both, the needs of basic research and the demands of drug developers. Thus, NBS-C BioScience is your partner of choice to accompany your project from mechanistic research, lead finding, selection and optimization and to develop validated assays to be run under GxP certified conditions.

Our Strengths: Technical Expertise;  Understanding of Science; Operational Flexibility; Attractive Pricing