Life Science - Research Applications:

  • Determine expression levels of selected proteins under different conditions
  • Identify binding partners to any target molecule - ligand fishing
  • Elucidate the function of novel proteins in proteomics research
  • Find antagonists to critical binding events
  • Investigate the binding properties of protein isoforms
  • Identify disease markers in clinical samples
  • Optimize therapeutic antibodies
  • Unravel the intricate molecular interactions involved in cell signaling pathways
  • Evaluate ion selectivity in signaling pathways
  • Determine the nature of protein complexes and their function
  • Study membrane associated molecules in near native environments
  • Identify DNA damage - mutations, DNA adducts etc.

Drug Discovery and Development Applications:

  • Proteomics - target identification and ligand fishing
  • Target assay validation for High Throughput Screening (HTS)
  • 'Hit' to lead characterization - rapid affinity ranking and detailed kinetics of interaction for small molecules binding to target proteins
  • Lead optimization through interaction kinetic based QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
  • Early ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) - rapid in vitro assays for defined ADME parameters, such as protein binding studies
  • Clinical trials - stratification of patient response to therapeutics
  • Immunogenicity assessment - determination and characterization of anti-drug antibody (ADA) responses of biotherapeutics
  • Vaccine development - quantification and characterization of the immune response induced by preventive and therapeutic vaccines
  • Production and manufacturing - process and batch QC of therapeutic antibodies and proteins


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Biacore SPR Technology is Applied in a Variety of R&D Projects

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