We run contract research projects for clients and partners worldwide, ranging from single short term investigations to mid and long term service level contracts. Customers come from academic and private research institutions, Biotech and big pharma companies, e.g.

Harvard Medical School Boston / USA 

University Bern / Switzerland

University Zürich / Switzerland

Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) / Austria

APEIRON Biologics AG / Austria

BIND Therapeutics  Boston / USA

Baxter Innovations / Austria

Fresenius Kabi Friedberg / Germany

Aldevron Freiburg / Germany

Mosaic Biomedicals / Spain

Northern Biologics / Canada

Laboratorio Reig Jofre SA / Spain

​JHL Biotech / Taiwan

Novassay SA /Switzerland - UK

​AVVA Pharmaceuticals / Cyprus

Our allergy research reagents and kits are used in R&D laboratories worldwide, e.g.

Universities of Connecticut, Barcelona, Vienna, ETH Zürich, Harvard Medical School, Institut Pasteur, Singapore Immunology Network etc.

Biotech and Pharma companies like Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, MorphySys, CSL Behring AG, Affiris AG, Anergis SA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis AG, JHL Biotech, Covance Inc. etc.

Customers can buy NBS-C BioScience Research Reagnets and Tools from our web shop or from various distributors /and retailers, e.g.


NBS-C  BioScience

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